Thanil Kamal is one of the medium sized village in Tehsil Chakwal and renowned in the area for the incredible educational and social achievements made by the residents. It is also famous for the weekly farm animal market which has continuously operated for over 100 years. This village was never under feudal influence and ownership of the feudal landowners in contrast to the other villages all around. The first lawyer from this village, Ch Ashraf Maken, graduated as lawyer from Punjab university in 1921, a miraculous achievement considering the backwardness of the area. The renowned personalities from this village are :- Ch Muhammad Ashraf Maken Advocate. Major General Tajjamal Hussain Malik. Dr Abdul Aziz PhD Colonel Abdullah Khan. Commander Irfan Iqbal Shaheed (Navy) Colonel Muhammad Riaz Colonel Zafar Malik Colonel Muhammad Arif Colonel Mansur Ashraf Ch Mushtaq.