Choa Saidan Shah, Choa Saidan Shah is the tehsil of District Chakwal, the name Choa Saidan Shah was given to this town in the name of a famous Sufi Sakhi Saidan Sherazi. The Choa Saidan Shah the most beautiful valley of District Chakwal. Choa Saidan Shah is surrounded by the hills. The Rose Water of Choa Saidan Shah is famous for its purity and quality. The area of Choa Saidan Shah is mountainous. The major tribes live in Choa Saidan Shah are Janjujua Rajput, Mirza, Arian and other helping hands families. Flora and Fauna are the species of Choa Saidan Shah. The people of are mostly serving the Pakistan Armed Forces. People of Choa Saidan Shah are brave by nature. The most famious villages of Janjua’s are Ghar Makhiala, Saloi, Dendot, Mohra Rajgan, Ratoocha, Khajula and Dalwal.