Tamman is a medium sized village, located 30 km towards west from Talagang (geographical coordinates are 33° 40′ 38″ North, 72° 51′ 21″ East).It is one of the oldest town with more than 10,000 population. It does not seem wrong, if we say that it is a town of SARDARS. It is famous for its raw and untouched beauty, which lie with in the remains of the Tethys sea bed. It gained importance because of the influential leaders and politicians that have emerged over time from this village. They all belonged to one family, the Sardars of Tamman who practically own the town. Sardars of Tamman have politics in their veins. The Tamman family, Sardars of Tamman, are influential personalities in the district and have been a part of the National Assembly since the creation of Pakistan.
Tamman is one of those developing villages where different sorts of technology is already a part of the inhabitants’ lifestyle. Tamman High School, is considered as one of the most up to date high schools in the area.