Roopwal is the one of oldest and historic towns of Chakwal. Roopwal was a “GHALLA MANDI” a 100 years ago and there was also a defence road from Rawalpindi to Tala Gang which is now not able to use. ROOPWAL was also well known for Dog fighting & Kabbaddi 30 years ago. Located North West of Chakwal, Chakwal Talagand Road, insert a Link Road of Balkaser, Distance of 19 km and other Link Road “Dharrabi Village” Distance of 13 km, Distance from Islamabad (Capital) is about 115 km East-West & about 45 km from “Chakkri” interchange via towns “Neela Dulha”. Present Ditrict Nazim Chakwal “Sardar Ghulam Abbas” is from Kot Choudharian which is mostly & locally called as “KOT ROOPWAL”.