Mohra Awan is a small village located near Padshahan at 33° 0’47.40″N and 73° 3’17.11″E in Chakwal District, Punjab (Pakistan). Mohra Awan has one primary school for boys and one for girls. The majority of the people are in Army. Important personalities include Abdul Razzaq (former councilor), Haji Manzoor Ahmed, Haji Imdad, and Sobidar Hakeem. The village has highest literacy rate in union council Padshahan. Young persons are working in diffierent field of life and serving to their country. Impressive young persons include Muhammad Shahid Farooq (Software Engineer), Dr. Mustafa, PhD Assistant Director NARC, Idrees Akhtar (MSc Botany), Shamshad Akhtar(MSc Geology), Tahir Mahmood (Bank Officer), Nadeem Akhtar (MBA)