Matoki is a village under union council Kot Gullah, Tehsil Talagang. Matoki is enriched with magnificent talent. Poor people without basic facilities has produced and shown a remarkable progress in all facets of life. The glittering stars of Matoki without any support starting from primary school Matoki, driving through Govt. high school Kot gullah towards a remarkable and much accredited professional destinations are:

1) Asgher Ali Khan, a Chartered Accountant and Cost & Management Accountant son of a Pakistan army retired soldier, Sub Maj (R) Shah Muhammad

2) Dr. Nisar Ahmed, running his own hospital in Tehsil Talagang and serving the community, is son of a primary school teacher, Malik Mumtaz.

3) Tariq Iqbal Malik, editor of weekly Mutaqarib published from Talagang is son of primary school teacher, Malik Mehr Khan.