Lawa is the largest village in Asia. It is a village of Tehsil: Talagang. Its population is more than 115,000. It is one of the oldest village. It is bordered by District Mianwali. Lawins do have close ties to Distt: Mianwali. All time famous land lord of Distt: Chakwal and Distt: Attock were from Lawa. People are very educated.

A Majority of the population are involved in agrobased industries and prefer to join the armed forces. They do have some what Pathan custom also. There are some members of Niazi tribe also living there. Lawa is town which include the other villages like DANDA SHAH BILAWAL, KOT QAZI, Kot qazi is growing and educated village compare to other because it is small and has not much populated Malik Zahoor Anwar in kot qazi who did CSS first time in Talagang. Danda Shah Bilawal is also one of the famous village of Tehsil Talagang because of the Shrine of Hazrat Sakhi Noori Shah Sultan Bilawal (RE) and many other Spirtual peoples live here. Recently Danda Shah Bilawal is announced as Model Village of District Chakwal due to the efforts of (Retd) Brig. Malik Fateh Khan.

The District Nazim of Chakwal Ghulam Abbas and its Cabinet don’t like the Development of Danda Shah Bilawal and also the most villages of Tehsil Talagang. The people of Danda Shah Bilawal and also the peoples of the villages of Tehsil Talagang don’t like the Ghulam Abbas, therefore he defeated two times continuously in District Council Elections from Danda Shah Bilawal and also in all over the tehsil Talagang. Actually Ghulam Abbas is a very selfish person. He wants that only the peoples of Tehsil Chakwal and Choa Saidan Shah got the benefits. One of the example of his selfishness is that he made so many small dams in his like areas but didn’t give attention towards Danda Shah Bilawal Dam, whose funds have been allocated by Punjab Govt. so many years ago.

Dhurnal, is another important and the 2nd biggest village of tehsil Talagang. it is an developing village of Talagang, and is backward because it is away from main locality.