Karuli, or Karuli Piran, is a small town of Kallar Kahar Tehsil, Chakwal District, Pakistan. It is located in a salt range. According to local legend, the town is named for the time when a pir descendant of Baha ud Din Zakaria Multan came to the area for a spiritual retreat. He rested near the Choa river, and used its waters to perform the Islamic cleansing rituals wadu and karuli. The village has a population of about 10,000 people from various castes: Pirs, Awans, Janjuas, and Maliks. Notable people from Karuli include: Naeem Shah, Brigadier General Shehbaz Khan,DEO Fateh Sher, Pir Istiaq Hussain Shah, Colonel (R) Aslam Raja, Abdul Hameed Awan, Abdul Majeed, Pir Ejaz Shah, Tehsil Nazim Pir Sajid Hussain Shah and Pir Waqar Shah,