Kariyala is situated about 10 KM South of main Chakwal city, off the road leading to Choa Saiden Shah. It is located on a rainwater ravine called Banvaee and between the salt range and Karangli mountain; the antimony obtained from Karangal mountain is famous all over from old times.

Kariyala is situated between Bhalla Village & Veryamaal Village. It is the habitat of big landlords like Chaudhry Ghulam Haider(late). Before 1947 it was a medium town consisting of Muslims; almost all Khokhars, Kahut, Artisans and Hindus. Hindus were in comparatively considerable ratio but they migrated to India and the Muslims provided them safe passage.

A Hindu landlord still lives in Kariyala and enjoy occupation of his estate. Kariyala is although hosting a minority of other castes like Khokhars, Gondals also but Kahuts ostestate being Kahut and belonging to a place from where Kahut movements emanated.

Late Sher Zaman Khokhar (Former  Officer, District Intelligence Bureau, Hyderabad, Sind.) was a  well known personality of Dhok Baba Umer of Kariyala Village.