Dheedwal is a town 17 kilometers from Chakwal in Punjab, Pakistan. It has a hospital, a college and telephone service. The mosque of Jamia Masjid Chishtia Ghausia Dheedwal, is situated in the center of the village. The community of this mosque belongs to the Muslim sect “Sunni Brailvi”. The ‘Tanzim Al-Mustafa Sallah o Alaih e Waalih e Wasalm’ is an organization of the young men of Dheedwal. The Tanzim organizes the annual Mehfil-e-Naat at the Jamia Masjid Chistia Ghausia Dheedwal. All well known Qura, Naat Khawan and Islamic scholars from different parts of Pakistan come to this Mehfil-e-Pak, which includes thousands of participants. It is the best and the biggest event annually held in Dheedwal.