Dhariala Kahoon is a beautiful village situated at a hill top in the Kahoon valley 13 kilometres away from the centre of Choa Saidanshah in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32°46’0N 72°52’60E. It is one of the largest villages of the Kahoon Valley. Its neighbours include Dulmial and Tatral to the east, Dehri Sydan to the southeast, Arra to the south, Maghal in the west, whereas there are beautiful mountains situated in the northern side of the village, with Surlah pass, which connects Kahoon Valley with City of Chakwal in Dhun area.

The main thing which differentiates this village from its neighbours is the number of mosques in it. It has 11 mosques in total, which is far more than the other village of the valley. The population of the village is about 9,000. The landscape is so attractive that the Kahoon Valley is also called Daughter of Kashmir. Its adjacent jungles are famous for a tree called Phoolai, a fragrant tree, and richness of the deer species called Hurial. Also found in wildlife are partridges, cicies and rabbits.

Cement factories in the Kahoon Valley have begun to have an impact on the environment and social set up as labourers from outside the area along with Afghan refugees have migrated to the area. Maghal is situated in the west of this village.

Dhariala Kahoon is known for its contribution to the Armed Forces, almost every house has at least one person serving in Armed Forces of the country. This village has also produced one of the best athletes and sportsmen in the defense forces. The prominent soldiers are: Lt Gen Muhammad Afsar Brig Muhammad Ajmal Brig Muhammad Afzal, Commandant Military College Jhelum Commodore Muhammad Ashraf Maj Muhammad Sulaiman, SJ Maj Shadman Khan Janjua Maj Hasnat Sqn Ldr Muhammad Khan Col Khalid Masood Col Muhammad Yusaf Lt Col Tauqir Afsar Lt Ammar Ajmal Lt waqar habib Lt hussain Malik Muhammad Khan, Ex Director Port Qasim Authority Major (R) Khalid Mahmood Malik.