The village Chak Baqar Shah is located at the distance of 15 kilometers from tehsil Chakwal in the east, on the Sohawa-Chakwal Road. The area is a part of Potwar plateau of northern Punjab. The plateau was the home of ancient civilization of Soan Valley. This civilization was evidenced by the discovery of tools, fossils, remaining of ancient archaeological sites and the coins. The existence of the Soan culture finds its home on the Potwar Plateau (also spelled as Potohar or Pothohar) . Administratively Chak Baqar Shah falls in the territory of union council Dumman of district and tehsil Chakwal.

The people of Chak Baqar Shah Village speak Punjabi language. In fact, they also speak a distinctive Chakwali punjabi or Dhani dialect of Punjabi, which is closer to dialects spoken in Shahpur-Salt Range area and also has a slight tinge of Sarieki language.

The village is named after the great Sufi Saint, Syed Baba Baqar Shah (R.A.), who is resting in eternal peace in a shrine located on northeast side of the Chak baqar Shah village in muhallah sharqi.