PTI, a party with three perfect words and a proper noun.
Imran khan”, “Change” and “Youth”. Anyone can be attracted and fascinated by these Why I Left PTI, Left PTI, Left Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Left Imran Khan, PTI of Imran Khanthree beguiling words.
Imran khan: Who is he?
A well-known cricketer, the one who brought world cup to the country in 1992, a proud moment for Pakistan. A very good philanthropist, made Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) with the help of people of Pakistan and the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave the land of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) tax free to him, for a noble cause.
Change: What change is required by us at present?
We all are so desperate for “change” but what kind of “change” and through which channel and tool? To be very honest we don’t know exactly what kind of change we want, but the crux is we want “change”, no matter at what cost and where  our desperation of “ change “would lead us. We are not concerned with it.
Youth: who are they?
Engaging and involving youth is no doubt a very good initiative. What kind of Youth? Youth which have no sense of direction, no vision, who are ignorant, aggressive, intolerant and do not hesitate or don’t even think once before disrespecting their fellow citizens, senior citizens on the basis of political affiliation. Can we bring “change” from this kind of youth on board?
He is Imran khan “the Imran Khan”
He talks about change “the change”
He talks about “youth” about “us”
Having all the appealing ingredients to attract but still I left PTI. Reason being, I believe it is always better to give another chance to something which you have tried before, only when you can visibly see the difference between the tried and the untried. The new ride which you are trying to go for is not the one which is required by you.
Having a bad toothache, so I thought of trying some new toothpaste (change is what I need). As I was carried away by the advertisement and the hype created by it. The fancy packet was appealing too. I was about to purchase it but before doing that I just go through the ingredients on the back of it. And I failed to find a single useful ingredient that will solve my tooth problem. So I realized that I should stick to my old toothpaste at least it has the required ingredients may be I am not using it properly or maybe I just over looked “the new and improved” version of it in my desperation of “change” and in my eagerness of trying something new.
That day I realized, Imran khan’s speeches and talks are marvelous and can appeal to anyone for the time being. His charismatic personality no doubt leaves an impact. But on reality grounds his policies lack practical approach to the core issues. He talked about insignificant issues and without any concrete solutions. Mobilizing and gathering people on a platform does not prove any one as a successful leader. Even Shahruk khan can gather an immense crowd but this doesn’t make him a leader. It is always the vision and practical approach to the national issues and international issues that can motivate people for a change. Identification of issues and problems is not what we require today. We all know what our problems are. Talking about larger than life and reality will always have an adverse effect as they lack practical implementation.
Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense otherwise you will end up in more mess.”
By: Mariam Khan

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