Farming is major occupation of the people of Chakwal with the exemption of few large land holders in subdivision Talagang. The Agriculture Institute of Chakwal is introducing new methods. The farmers also begun to use fertilizers and pesticides and capital intensive, time saving inputs like Tractor and Harvesters are being used ever since their introduction in the country. The entire area of the district is 1650000 acres and the whole cultivated area is 785987 acres. The most important crops of district are Wheat, Peanut, Grams, Jawar, Bajra, Mash, Masoor, Maize, etc.

In Chakwal most of the people do Business. Pakistan Army and the forces like Police, & Rangers have the significant number of Chakwalis, therefore people of Chakwal are known as Martial Race. A small percentage is employed in the trading sector, a smaller as industrial and mining labor and a very small fraction is employed in technical fields like health, education, banking, engineering etc.

New motivation from the success of Information Technology has brought a lot of excellent IT professionals in IT and Telecom industry and the number is growing very fast. Chakwal has recently bestowed with Kanaish fone and trade (PVT) limited, Chakwal’s first Pay Phone Company authorized by Pakistan telecommunication authority.