The food which people of Chakwal consume is basically very simple. In the rural areas they use vegetables, lentils or meat, cooked in a very simple manner, butter or ghee is also eaten with roti (bread) made of wheat flour or sometimes with rice flour. There is a considerable use of dairy milk and its products in rural areas. In the urban areas the staple food is the same, but continental food has also made a place for itself. Murgh Polaw of Pehlawan & Haq are quit popular among Chakwal’s people. Fried, roasted, BBQ meat, sandwiches, patties, pizza (No Pizza Expert till date) and burgers are well liked. The people of Chakwal, owing to their simple eating habits, hard work and rough terrain, are strong and healthy. However, in the urban white collared classes, diseases, which occur because of sedentary life styles, are prevalent.

The most well known and favorite food product coming from Chakwal is a sweet called Riyori (pronounced ree-o-ree). It is about the size of an M&M. it is basically a mixture of desi ghee (clarified butter) and gurr (jaggery) covered with sesame seeds.

Dhooda & Barfi of Nisar Hotel are also very famous in the whole region.