The former prime minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh hails from a small village Gah in Chakwal.

The owners of Oberoi Hotels International, the multi-millionaire Oberoi family are from Bhaon.

Famous Pakistani industrialists, the Saigols belong to a village called Saigolabad in Chakwal. The Khawjagan of Chakwal, who own Chakwal Group of Industries belong to the old Chakwal city.

The Chaudhrials of Kot Sarfraz and Kot Choudrain, Chiefs of the Mair-Minhas tribe played an important role in forming Chakwal’s history. In recent times also, the family has produced many well known personalities in all fields including army, politics, civil services and sports. A long list includes many firsts in British-Indian and Pakistan Army, including its first General Muhammed Akbar Khan and other Generals mentioned earlier. The family also has had at least one person as a member of the Punjab assembly since 1929. The first Chakwali to become a colonization officer in the British era, Raja Aurangzeb Khan, first Chakwali to become a commissioner and chief secretary in Pakistan, Raja AllahDad Khan, Chakwal’s first MLA, Raja Muhammed Sarfraz Khan, first M.N.A and Senator, Sardar Khizar Hayat Khan, first Chakwali Olympian to represent Pakistan, Col. Zafar Zafri, and the first District Nazim, Sardar Ghulam Abbas Khan all belong to the same family of the ‘Mair-Chaudhrials’. Raja Riaz Ahemad Khan who is the Palimentry Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, Punjab and a Senior Minister, although elected from Faisalabad also belongs to the Chaudrial family of Chakwal and so do Begum Iffat Liaqat(M.P.A Chakwal) and Nawabzada Sher Ali(M.P.A. Attock).


Chakwal’s Qazi family is also prominent in politics as well as education. Qazi Ghulam Ahmad Advocate was the first Muslim Lawyer from Chakwal. He was the leading figure in Muslim League during independence struggle. His speeches during the independence struggle mobilized the masses in the area. He also took part in Tehriek e Khatm e Nabuwat with Pir Sahb Golra sharif. He was very active in local politics and served as the Chairman of Town Committee. Another prominent personality was Justice Qazi Muhammad Gul, a former judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan. He also served as Federal Law Secretary and Chief Election Commissionar of Azad Kashmir. Qazi Ghulam Mehdi, Qazi Manzoor ul Haq, Qazi Maqsood Ahmad and many others have contributed a lot in the field of education. Especially Qazi Maqsood Ahmad’s devotion in this regard is remarkable. A well known lawyer Qazi Muhammad Amin advocate was recently appointed as Additional Advocate General Punjab.

The Tamman family, Sardars of Awans belong to Talagang tehsil and are influential personalities in the district and have been a part of the National Assembly since the creation of Pakistan. Sardar Muhammed Hayat Tamman was an advsior during the Bhutto era.

The Sardars of Dullah, chiefs of the Kassar tribe have enjoyed some influence in local politics over the years. Sardar Muhammad Ashraf Khan was a provincial minster and MPA during the Ayub and Bhutto eras. Sardar Khurram Nawab is presently an M.P.A. in Punjab.

Ayaz Amir, an internationally renowned journalist is also from Chakwal. He is a progressive thinker and an environmentalist. He writes for Pakistan’s most credible Newspaper Dawn and his articles reflect his bold thoughts. He regularly appears on CNN and the BBC, and is a Member of National Assembly from Chakwal at present. His father Ch. Ameer Khan was also a well known politician.

Pakistan’s president from 1969-1971, and architect of Pakistan Civil War, Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan was born in Chakwal in 1917.