Chakwal is rich in culture and history, however, most of our fellow Chakwalianz do not realize the cultural or historic places scattered around the city,  some in far corners and some in plain sight. Quite a number of historical sites lie in the undulations of Chakwal, the more important of which are:

  • Katas Raj (Click to read more)

    An old Hindu/Budhist Complex that is situated near Choa Saidanshah in the Chakwal district of Punjab where stand the remains of the Buddhist Stupa, the Katas site houses the Satgraha, a group of seven ancient temples. According to the Hindu legend the temple is over 2000 years old standing since the time of Mahabharat – the epic battle – and their god Krishna laid the foundation of this place.

  • Kallar Kahar (Click to read more)

    The famous Mughal emperor Zahir-ud-Din Babar encamped in Kallar Kahar with his armies, when he was marching from Kabul to attack on Delhi with his armies. During his stay, a throne was built for him by cutting a big rock, where he addressed his army. Later the throne was named “Takht-e-Babri”. It still exists in Kallar Kahar and working as a popular tourist attraction.

  • Kusuk Fort (Click to read more)

    The site of an epic battle between the Janjua Sultan of Watli, Sultan Fateh Muhammad Khan and the Sikhs in the late 18th Century, where the Brave Janjua Sultan Fateh Muhammad Khan held off the sikhs for over 6 months in the almost impregnable fort. The Sikh forces “having failed to take the fort by assault and bombardment” for such a long period of time, the Maharaja offered terms to the Sultan who due to want of water for his subjects and garrison, finally agreed.