Environment of Chakwal

Although the areas around the Chakwal city and generally free of pollution as there isn’t much industry in the area, Chakwal city is one of the polluted cities in Pakistan. There is no government sponsored garbage disposal system and citizens in urban and rural areas do not have proper means to dispose off garbage particularly plastic bags. Most of the streets in the city and small towns are littered with trash that results in infectious diseases in summer and rainy seasons.

Agriculture in Chakwal

Chakwal is a semi-arid area with serious shortage of water for agriculture. Over 70 per cent of the population engages in agriculture, mostly subsistence agriculture that is dependent on rain. Most villages have no irrigation system support.

Social Services in Chakwal

There is only one government hospital in Chakwal city. Unlike other areas in Pakistan, Chakwal does not have Women’s Hospitals that can provide gynecological diagnoses or services. Women who can afford it visit private hospitals in other cities of Pakistan.