Chakwal has very few public and private libraries, the largest of these is the Allama Iqbal Library located at the committee park. However, most of the volumes over there are in Urdu. The Government College for boys also has a library of reasonable size and is open for Public. In the private sector, Myer’s Library located at Myers College, Kot Sarfraz Khan has a huge volume of both English and Urdu books.

There are no public or private libraries for children in rural areas of Chakwal.

Chakwal offers a unique landscape to its visitors. Although its natural beauty may not be breathtaking at first glance; its simplicity makes it graceful and sometimes stunning . The Canyons in Thirchak-Mahal tract are bound to impress its visitors. In the winters, the beautiful yellow beds of “Surson” , clear blue sky and sunshine provide ideal spots for picnics. There are many man-made and natural lakes around the city in Kallar Kahar, Dhok Talian, Kot Raja, Khai, Khokar Zer and Dharabi providing ideal places for family hangouts.

The beautiful Jhangar valley, Bisharat is situated on road coming from Choa Saidan Shah facing West to East about 8 km in length in between villages Kotli and Ara lying at height 3000 feet above the sea level. The weather during the summer is very pleasant. It is an un-explored summer resort. The hills are full of green bushes and olive trees.

The most interesting place of this valley is the Picnic Point of Chehl Abdal” hill top which is at the height of 3500 feet above the sea level. On the top of this hill is a shrine called Chehl-Abdal. Many people from local villages and from all parts of the country often visit the shrine and offer scarifices. Don’t forget to take long drinking water, food, snacks etc. as their are no shops in the area

From the Chehl Abdal hill top one can see the great Punjab plains. To the north is the beautiful scenery of Margla hills whereas one can see the Jhelum River flowing in the South.On the East & West side one can see the beautiful greenery of adjoining hills with rain forests consisting of thick jungle trees and bushes.

This valley can be named as “military valley” as 90% of old and young men have served or presently serving the Army. The men are very brave and have fought very bravely in World War I and II and other wars after the independence and have won many military medals.

Alexander the Great passed through this area (old Nandana Fort) near Ara on his way to fight war with Raja Poru on the banks of Jhelum River in 326 BC. Also one of the Muslim scientist Abu Rayhan Biruni passed through this valley.

Another well-known tourist place in the area is Kalar Kahar for which Zahir uddin Baber said “Kaller Kahar is a child of Kashmir. Imagine Kalar Kahar is just 2500 feet above the Sea level and Chehl Abdal is 3500 feet above the Sea level.

Larri pathan is another beautiful place in Chakwal. One faction of the Kakka Zai Pathans migrated from Afghanistan and settled in a village called Lari Pathan.

The famous temple-fort of Katas Raj is also nearby and so are Salt Mines in Khewra.

Chakwal has a well connected road network including road to Jhelum and Lahore via Sohawa road, road to Pind Daden Khan via Choa Siaden Shah road, road to Sargodha via Bhon and Khushab, road to Rawalpindi via Mandra and to Mianwali via Talagang Road. It is connected to GT road between Peshawar and Lahore via Sohawa and Mandra, Indus Highway via Mianwali, and M2 Motorway via Kallar Kahar and Balkassar exits. The travelling distances and time has reduced considerably to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha and Faislabad since the commissioning of M2 Motorway