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Talagang is a city of the province Punjab. The city has great importance in many aspects. Talagang is basically a tehsil and that tehsil comes in the district Chakwal. Talagang is at the drive of almost 45 minutes from the motorway M2 and at the drive of 30 minutes from the district Chakwal.

Talagang has 17 Union Counsils and talagang has a number of small villages at different sides but all account in the same tehsil i.e. talagang. Chakwal has 05 tehsils on the whole and Talagang is 2nd largest Tehsil of them. Talking about the life of talagang then we can say that the people of talagang are very simple and calm and they have a specific type of language that language is not different from Urdu but the pronunciation of that particular Urdu is of such a sweet touch that every listener is attracted towards that sweet language. There are a number of health centers built at different sites and the people from local community are facilitated from the services of doctors and all the staff of these health centers.

Talagang Chakwal
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There is a big complex hospital settled up near the city having the bed capacity of around 65 along with that there are a number of other facilities and technologies which are available there.

A number of schools and colleges are set up all around the city a few of these are the government schools but there are also private one’s there. Government of Punjab has also settled up a college which offers a wide range of subjects for both the boys and girls in separate classes and the college leads up to master’s level. A very good number of and educated faculty is provided there in the college.

People living in talagang are mostly Punjabis but among them there are also some of the pathans and other people living in talagang.