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Why Saigal? What’s with him? – Islamabad Diary

Islamabad Diary by Ayaz Amir
Islamabad Diary by Ayaz Amir

Why indeed? What’s so special about him? He sang and rose to prominence – they still call him the Indian film industry’s first superstar – in the 1930s and 40s. How many other greats from that era do we still remember? Saigal lives on. Write about him and from far-off corners of the globe there will be people with something to say about him. What’s the key to this longevity? Continue reading “Why Saigal? What’s with him? – Islamabad Diary” »

No Shortcuts To Deliverance – Ayaz Amir

Nawaz Sharif - Imran Khan
PM Nawaz Sharif – Imran Khan
Islamabad Diary
By: Ayaz Amir

Call this the revenge of the PML-N. So soon after his stepping down they have managed to make controversial their erstwhile nemesis, Gen Raheel Sharif. Continue reading “No Shortcuts To Deliverance – Ayaz Amir” »