Martial Traditions

  • The first native Indian to get the Victoria Cross was Subaidar Khudadad Khan from Chakwal
  • The first Indian to get commissioned and become a General in the British Indian Army was General Muhammed Akbar Khan (PA-1)from Chakwal
  • The first designated C-in-C of the Pakistan army was General Iftikhar Khan (PA-2), but died in an unfortunate air-crash also belonged to Chakwal.
  • The first Muslim to be an officer in the Indian Corps of Engineers and the first Engineer-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army, General Muhammad Anwar Khan (PA-48) was also from Chakwal.
  • The first Indian Commander in the Cavalry, Brigadier Gen. Muhammed Zafar Khan (PA-12) was from Chakwal.
  • It is also a worth mentioning fact that the later four were all sons of Khan Bahadur Raja Fazaldad Khan and belonged to famous Mair-Minhas Rajput tribe of Chakwal. After the creation of Pakistan, Chakwal has produced more Army soldiers and generals than any other area in Pakistan.