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  1. There are many other places in the district which are not shown on this page like Choa saiden shah,Kalar Kahar beauti scenery and Village Dulmial.

    1. bro site is under construction and the work is being done by the Only one person. you must send the info and any other pics etc. it will be updated soon. INSHALLAH

        1. Sada Chakwal ki poori team ko meri taraf se salam, main Chakwal k gaon Hasil ka rehne wala hun aur Oman mein Job krta hun bari khushi hoti he apne shehr ki news dekh kr hamare area ki b koi news mile to post ker dia krein. shukria

        2. AOA.Can you people favor us with displaying a news on your channel. News is, that a man Tasawar Abbas son of ALLAH Ditta from Chak Misry is spreading Chars, heroine, hafeem and other drugs in Chak Misry and the near villages with the help of Pathans. Please publish this news to save the youth of our area from this curse. Local Police is aware of their business but they are also getting a margin % from the sales of drugs. I will be grateful to you for this kindness, if this news is somehow takes into the notice of the DPO Chakwal.Hope you will use this information for only positive purpose not for blackmailing.Best regards, Aamir

      1. As Salam o alikum all chakwalians and Sada Chakwal team, do angraizan di angraizi padh k khusi hui aa chalo koi ta hai jehra angraazi (english) wich comments karda ay.. wah gee ta wah tuhada apna Muzammal Abbas Zaidi RAMP Traffic Controller King Abdul Aziz International Air Port Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    2. Salam, Ch. Aqeel sb. am visiting first time your website and want to congratulate you for this great effort. As i was the student ofthe committee school. Its great to see such a great information portal of beautiful Chakwal. I will try to give you some updates of my village during next visit to Chakwal.

    3. Aoa bahout kushi hy k ap chakwal ka nam pori dunya min roshan kar rhy hin Allah pak sy dua hy k ap ko aor himat aor taqat dy last bat sir hamara dhab kalan hy aor is gaon ke b ak apni tarehk hy nd min chata hon k ap hamary gaon ko b is websit min ad karin tnx.

  2. Yes we are trying to collect them too, but availability or resources is the problem, as I am living in Hyderabad, trying to approach fellows who live in Chakwal, to help make this portal more informative and comprehensive database of District Chakwal.

    Thank you for the time and Comment.

    1. aslam-o-alikum Ch. Aqeel Ahmed sahab .mubarark ho . ap ke site bahoot achi hai .hum pardesi buhot khush hoye hain. Jo k ap Chakwal ke news, Chakwal ki photos, Chakwal ki history our khas kar videos hum tak poncha rahy hain. allah ap ko or tarake dey.

  3. Pakistan future Capital Chakwal, my village Name Chawali, Baba ka Mila Karsal ka picture kaun dalay ga?

    Nahi tu hum Tehreek chalai ge aur eladah ho jai ge , Chakwal ko china main shift kar dai ge

    1. dear mir sahib, congrats 4 this great effort myself and people of Chakwal are grateful to you. we hope k SADA CHAKWAL bhot uper tak jay ga Inshallah. zafar chudhry 0321-5075653

  4. O Mama, laga piyaan main, resources di kami ay, holi holi honda piya na kam.. App v kujh help ker, aya aaon na chakwal, photo v ghiday hoo san, send to me..
    Will update the gallery soon.

    1. Salam Congratulations for a brilliant informative website about district Chakwal. Good to know there are people who are forward looking and want to change their town or city up to date with rest of the world and make a change in peoples life and welfare Keep up the good work. Salaam M. Hussain

    1. A o A dost me also from chakwal can u please snd me pics of your village ,especialy pics of mazar sharif.
      thanks in advance
      adnan malik,
      (mulhal mughlan)

  5. I came to your “Chakwal Photos Gallery – Photos of Chakwal – Beauty of Chakwal – Chakwal Images” & found it worth looking & enjoyed the beauty of Chakwal.. Thanks for sharing :)

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  7. Great collection of Chakwal in the Gallery of Sada Chakwal. I appreciate each and every member of the team of SadaChakwal.com, it’s really great to see such an informative portal of Chakwal. Stay Blessed

  8. I appreciate the team of Sada Chakwal, as after coming across this website of Sada chakwal, i reach at this point that this is unique step to make the people, especially of Chakwal, know about Chakwal city and it villages briefly.

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